Covid-19 Information

Please understand that policies and procedures are things we must abide by during the pandemic to help keep all of us safe. Ashiatsu Barefoot massage will be my main style massage with only a few exceptions during this time. Please be patient and thank you for your continued support! Please know that we are all in this together and we can get through it together!

Policies and procedures

  • Please as cautious as possible the two weeks leading to your appointment, that would be appreciated.
  • Please notify me ASAP to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you did not feel well. There will be no penalty for canceling last minute due to covid-19 and symptoms.
  • Please arrive healthy or I may have to cancel your appointment upon arrival. During this time I reserve the right to cancel any appointment if I believe the health of one of my clients is compromised. Please understand that this is for both of our safety.
  • I asked that if people whom are around others outside of their home on the day of your appointment, that they shower and change their clothes before they come to the appointment. If you can't shower while at work then please bring a washcloth there and clean any limbs that are exposed. I'm working to take as many precautions as possible to keep all of my clients safe. I'm sure you understand my concern to protect you and myself.
  • Please wait in your car or sit in the chairs outside of my office until I text or waive you to come in.
  • Please wear a mask at all times while on premises. This includes but is not limited to the time while you are face up on the table.
  • Unfortunately, hugging and hand-shaking at this time is not allowed but Air Hugs are okay.
  • I'll be taking your temperature at the door with a thermal scanner.
  • I will have you wash your hands and/or use sanitizer after you enter my office.
  • Social conversations before and after massage need to be limited so I have time to sanitize in between clients. Also, conversations during the massage will have to remain brief but please do provide feedback about pressure and comfort levels during the massage.
  • Please make every effort to use cash or check for now as I'm trying to reduce costs associated with credit card transactions. Also, please make every effort to have the exact amount so there's less exchange of bills during this time.

I very much appreciate all of your patience and understanding during this pandemic. Please know that everything I am doing is to keep YOU and I both safe..