Remember to drink water after your massage

No Stress at Body Focus Therapeutic Massage in Cromwell and Meriden Connecticut

After Your First Massage

At Body Focus Massage I work with my clients to make the experience as relaxing and stress free as possible. There are however, some things that people should be aware of. After your massage you may notice changes in your body and mind. Some things you might notice and take care of.

  • I say it all the time to all my clients each time I see them. The most beneficial thing you can do for yourself after a massage is to remain hydrated. For the next 24 hours after a massage please drink plenty of water. Since massage promotes lymphatic movement, it's essential that you further promote the movement of toxins out of your system (through the kidneys and circulatory system) and water is key to that.
  • Try to take it easy after your massage. Rest if and when you feel the need. If you haven't been sleeping well, receiving massage may help you relax enough that you might want to take a nap or goto bed early.
  • If the focus of your massage is on a particular injury or body part, remember to stretch, apply ice or heat to that area on the advice of your therapist.
  • Depending on the style and pressure of the massage session, you might be a little sore for 24 hours or so after massage. A bit of gentle stretching can help and a hot shower or take a warm bath with Epsom salts can also be beneficial.