Cancelation Policy

I make every effort to work with my clients and schedule sessions when they are available. What I ask for in return is that my clients respect my time and the time of my other clients. I understand that things happen and life doesn't always go as smooth as we like but I do have a cancelation policy to be aware of. It is highlighted on the intake form you signed when you first became a client and I ask you to please be courteous of my time and the time of my other clients.

  • Client acknowledges that if he/she is unable to make an appointment that they agree to cancel the appointment with at least 24 hours notice unless there is an emergency.
  • If an appointment is missed without the requested 24 hour notice, the client agrees to pay a $30 cancelation fee at the conclusion of the next appointment.

Timeliness Policy

  • In an effort to ensure that you receive the very best treatment, I ask that my clients please arrive 5-10 minutes early to ensure that you can change and we can start the session on time.
  • I ask that new client arrive 15 minutes in advance so you can fill out the appropriate paperwork and we can talk┬áthe areas that might require focus.
  • In the event that you are late, I will do my very best to administer your massage with the time that is remaining. I do need to be respectful of my other clients time if there is an appointment after yours.
  • Clients that show up late will be charged the full price of the session and it will not be prorated.

Payment Policy

  • Payment for services is due at the time that services are performed unless otherwise arranged and mutually agreed to. Payment is the personal obligation of the client regardless of any┬áthird party coverage.
  • For payment, I accept:
    • Cash
    • Personal Check (upon my discretion)
    • Visa & Master Card
  • Any check returned for insufficient funds will be subject to a $35 fee in addition to the original amount of the massage session.