Body Focus Massage Cromwell Connecticut

Body Focus Massage Cromwell Connecticut

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Massage Therapy is a personal experience and trust is key. You need to feel relaxed and comfortable in order to enjoy the benefits of reducing stress and healing muscles. Each time I take on a new client, I sit and discuss what might be bothering them and explain the styles of massage and how they differ. But at the end of the day it is about trust. With that in mind I wanted to share some of my current clients feedback:

This particular client had a bad experience where the massage therapist was not listening to what she needed...

Each time I meet with Santina for my massages she asks questions to get an idea of what kind of massage I am looking for. She asks if there are any areas she should focus on, areas to avoid and my pressure level preference. I always leave my massage therapy sessions feeling better and more relaxed. I highly recommend Santina for your next massage therapy.

Another client of mine is a very busy mother of two that had a tough time relaxing and enjoying the treatment...

Thank-you Santina for helping me relax and take time out for myself. Your amazing! Can't wait to make another appointment!

One of my clients had a bad experience with a massage therapist that used too much pressure..

I have always struggled with finding the right massage therapist. Either they are too light or I can't move the next day..Santana is the perfect combination of relaxing but applying the right amount of pressure to get into the knots. I book monthly with her now.... Best massages I have received in my life

This client of mine decided she wanted to spread the word and host a Massage Party.. What a great time that was. Such nice people.

I had a massage party in my home that was a wonderful afternoon of fun, laughs, and massages! What a great way to spend time with friends! I loved it so much I am booking another one...for a month later! Everyone who came to the party loved the massage, and the idea! I will be attending a lot of these as word spreads! Definitely treat yourself (and your friends) to a massage!

A great client that was introduced to to me as a referral from a current client.

Based on a referral I was introduced to Body Focus. Now with my personal experience I can vouch for this location being amazing! Thanks Santina for your level of professionalism and comforting self. You now are my personal massage therapist!

And last but far from least. A great client of mine that has a crazy busy life and has a hard time relaxing.

Thanks Santina for always providing the best massage ever! I swear I think it just gets better and better each time! It defiantly is a huge stress reliever!! Your Awesome! Thank You!!!!