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Welcome to Body Focus Therapeutic Massage which is located in Cromwell Connecticut! My name is Santina Giuliano and I am happy that you are interested in learning more about massage therapy. So many of today’s major health problems are caused by chronic stress and conditions of modern living. Prolonged mental and emotional stress often lead to tension headaches, backache, high blood pressure and even heart disease. Everyone can benefit from massage therapy, whether you work in a physically demanding field or spend your days in a corporate setting.

Even something that seems simple like your daily commute can tax your body more than you realize. Too much stress has also been proven to impair the immune system and leaving us vulnerable to many diseases while inhibiting recovery as well. The good news is that massage therapy is a wonderful and effective way to return balance to your life. The great news is that it is easy and convenient for you to make an appointment at Body Focus for your next massage therapy session.

I want to welcome you again to Body Focus Therapeutic Massage and encourage you to look around and see if massage therapy is for you. I think you will find it to be beneficial, relaxing and just the thing you have been missing from your life. I look forward to hearing from you and welcome you to reach out to me if you should have any questions that might not be covered here on my site.

** NOTICE **

My apologies but at this time no new clients can be accepted due to a lack of available time slots. I am currently booked out several months but I do maintain a "cancelation list" for those individuals that are looking for an appointment that can be flexible.

My apologies if this presents an inconvenience to you.


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