Body Focus Cromwell Ribbon Cutting

Just couldn't help sharing the great news.. Many of you already knew that I was in the process of opening my new office in Cromwell and well..... Its official.. Larry McHugh (President of the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce), Enzo Faienza (Mayor of Cromwell) and a whole bunch of great people came over to welcome me into the neighborhood and participated in the ribbon cutting. I am so very excited to be part of the wonderful Downtown Cromwell Merchants Association and I am thrilled at the prospect of another great step for Body Focus Massage.

Thank you to each of the members of the Cromwell Merchants Association, the various town officials and the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce.. I could not do this without the continued support of my wonderful clients and the support of the towns I work in.. 

Middletown Press Article - Body Focus Ribbon Cutting

Thank you all..

~ Santina

Body Focus Massage Ribbon Cutting

Body Focus Massage Ribbon Cutting

Body Focus’s Brand ‘New’ Office

Been meaning to post this earlier but time flies though when you're having fun and trust me, I couldn’t be happier now that I am putting the final touches on my new office at 309 Main Street in Cromwell. On November 4th (after a couple months of construction) I started seeing clients at my new location and everyone seems to love it. My team (aka my boyfriend.. LOL) and I stumbled upon a unique opportunity to turn a classic antique train car into a wonderful new office and we did what others said couldn’t be done. With a vision of what it could be and a bunch of hard work we brought a taste of modern to a classic antique in wonderful way and I am thrilled.

I always want my clients to have a warm inviting location to visit where they can relax and feel calm and I think you will agree that we’ve succeeded. We still have some final touches that need to be made but overall it's been a great transition from my other space down the road. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the new location and I hope each of you are doing really well.

Thanks for your continued support as I once again bring a dream of mine to reality.. ~Santina

Body Focus Cromwell Office

Body Focus Cromwell Office

Body Focus Cromwell Office

Body Focus Cromwell Office Ashiatsu Massage

Body Focus Cromwell Office

Body Focus Cromwell Office

Body Focus Cromwell Office

Body Focus Cromwell Office

Signs by Greubel Body Focus Cromwell

Body Focus Cromwell Office

Body Focus Cromwell Office

Body Focus Cromwell Office

Body Focus is on the move…

Body Focus Massage

For those of you that have noticed some of my recent posts on Facebook, there are lots of positive changes on the horizon for Body Focus.. This past weekend was bitter sweet for me as I closed down the Body Focus Cromwell West Street office with plans well underway to relocate to a wonderful unique space a mile away in the heart of downtown Cromwell at 309 Main Street.

I would have never thought that a couple years after starting Body Focus that I would have two offices and so many wonderful clients like each of you.

Rest assured that these changes are all wonderful blessings and I look forward to the new location and seeing you there soon. The office should be completed by November 1st so stay tuned for more details as post about them.

Thank you for being patient during this transition and I apologize if the switch over presents any complications to you. I will be seeing all of my clients at my Meriden location until the move is complete. Have a wonderful day everyone.. Thank you again for all the positive support to help make this happen.

Corporate Massage Therapy

The people that work for you are your biggest assets and all too often companies lose sight of that. Illness, stress and fatigue all take a toll on your employees and that can cost you money. With the help of Massage Therapy, they can soon be on their way to a healthier and more relaxed mind and body.

Massage therapy can help by:

  • Reducing the adverse effects of sitting for long periods of time
  • Relieving physical problems associated with performing repetitive tasks
  • Improving alertness and ability to focus
  • Increasing good feelings about the workplace

Whether we develop an on-site chair massage program for your employees or an off-site office visit referral program, the options are limitless. A small investment in your employees now will help increase productivity, decrease sick days and provide an overall healthier work environment. Call or email me and we can put together a great customized package to suit your needs.

 Body Focus Corporate Massage Therapy

Put Down the Weights & Pickup the Phone…

We’ve all been there.. That moment when you are pushing yourself hard at the gym doing that last rep or that last mile and you realize that you over did it.. Exercise, diet along with rest are all part of the equation to make us healthy and strong but when you over do it, it puts your body out of balance. You need to understand that rest and healing is just as important as pushing yourself hard so take a moment for yourself and put down the weights and make an appointment. We can ease that knot in your back or stretch those overworked legs of yours and have you back to the gym before you know it. Know your limits, take time for yourself and make an appointment that will help you heal. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

Body Focus Massage Therapy in Cromwell and Meriden Connecticut

Work…. What a pain in the……

Work is slowly killing you!!! Well now that I caught your attention it’s probably not a stretch to say that the majority of us can’t stand work (well accept for me of course).. But have you ever thought about what work does to our bodies.. Those of us that work behind a desk are mostly sitting in front of computers all day hunched over a keyboard typing away all day. Bad posture combined with not getting up and walking around during the day takes a toll on our bodies and at the end of the week, we sure do feel it don’t we?

How about those of us that work in a physically demanding job? Maybe you are a postman and on your feet all day from the minute you get to work.. Maybe you are a construction worker that is lifting heavy tools and materials all day.. Well whether you are a mailman, a construction worker, a sanitation worker or even a UPS driver, all of that activity catches up to you. We all joke around and say that we are getting old but unless you take time for yourself to reverse the daily punishment, work is slowly killing each of us.

But there is hope, trust me. Take a moment and realize that you need to put yourself first once in a while. You need to undo all of that bad stuff with a little “You Time” and a relaxing massage. When you are reminded of that pain in your lower back or shoulders at work, pick up the phone and make your appointment. You’ll wonder why you waited as long as you did.

All Massages are Not Equal..

Massage Therapy is as much an art as it is a science and and to be honest, not everyone is as good at what they do as others. For many clients its a very personal experience and it’s important that you feel relaxed and comfortable in order to get the most out of your appointment. As the client you need to know that it is just as important for you to tell me what hurts as it is for me to listen to you. Massage Therapy can be a wonderful way to heal your mind and body and its a great experience when you have chosen a professional, capable and well trained massage therapist. It’s important for you to make time for yourself and to do so with a massage therapist that listens and focuses on the areas that are of concern using proper techniques. Book your appointment today and you will be happy that you did tomorrow.

Make an appointment not an excuse…

Let’s face it… Life is busy. Whether it’s tending to the kids, grocery shopping or making sure dinner is on the table for when everyone gets home, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to take care of everything you need to get done. Well that is where it becomes important for you to realize that you need to take care of yourself first once in a while. Life will always be there throwing things at you so there will always be excuses but you need to learn to put those excuses aside once in a while and make time for you. Trust me. You will thank yourself later.

When’s the Best Time to Book a Massage Appointment

Pop Quiz: When is the best time to book a massage?

Answer: Now..

Sooooo many of my clients struggle with making time for themselves. The key is to make time for yourself once in a while, book your appointment and plan around that. I love helping my clients live healthier and more relaxed lives one massage at a time but I have to see you in order to help you so make your appointment today.

Schedule an appointment Body Focus Therapeutic Massage

Hartford Magazine’s “Best of Hartford” Readers’ Poll

Vote for Body FocusThese past years have been a wonderful journey and I owe all of my success to my wonderful clients. Nothing is more rewarding for me than helping each of you live healthier lives one massage at a time.

Well now I need your help. I want to ask each of you to take just a few moments out of your day to vote and help me achieve another wonderful goal of mine.

Every vote helps as I chase this dream to be "Best Massage Therapist in Connecticut". I hope I can count on your vote and look forward to seeing each of you soon.  Please take a moment and visit The Hartford Magazine Reader's Poll 2015 (Click HERE) and cast a vote for "Body Focus Therapeutic Massage" under the "Services" category.

How to Vote:

1) Click on HERE which will take you to the "Hartford Magazine" voting site.

2) Once you register using your email address, name and city that you live in you will notice sections to vote in (eg. Food, Drink, Retail, Service, etc.)

3) "Body Focus Therapeutic Massage" is located under the "Massage" within the "Services" category.

4) Once you have cast your votes in a particular section, be sure to hit "Submit & Continue". Your votes will not count unless you hit this button after each section.

5) You need to vote for at least 10 items before you can submit your ballot. Once you move past a particular category, you will not be able to revisit it so make your vote count.

6) Once you have voted within the categories you wish to vote in please hit the "Finalize Ballot" button to finalize and cast all your votes.

7) IMPORTANT - You will receive an email to the address that you provided and you will need to click on the link provided to "Activate Your Votes" in order for them to be counted.